Old School Stereo System.

Old school stereo system.my Dad had one.remember when all this was necessary?

tree top orange squash

Do you remember Tree Top orange squash? The botle was shaped like a Lava Lamp.

4/5/14 5:57a ''The Big Valley'' Lee Majors Peter Breck Linda Evans Barbara Stanwyck Richard Long 1965-1969 Weird cover: Lee Majors is pictured twice and Richard Long not at all. gabixlerreviews-bookreadersheaven.blogspot.com

Hot Coco by Cindy McDonald Second in Series Sure to Please Funny Bone!

The Big Valley - Barbara Stanwyck (widowed mother, Victoria Barkley).Peter Breck,(my favorite) Nick Lee Majors Heath Barkley) - ABC

U.K 1970s soap opera

crossroads cast 1970 - Mum watched this while my brother and I ate our tea.

Ice on the inside of windows

I once stuck my tongue on the window pain and it stuck! Do you remember waking up on a bitter cold winters morning and you windows looked like this.

The Bob Newheart Show - Why does everyone bring their personal problems to me?

Bob Newhart show - I used to babysit every Saturday night. Had to put the kids to bed by 8 so I could watch Mary Tyler Moore and Bob Newhart

Cadbury's Ice Breaker

This was so good but I remember them being bigger bars

I had one like this.

Signet Ring Vintage Heart Shaped Pinky Ring In Gold Size Solid Gold Heart Motif Vintage Gold Ring


Rotary Dial~ Phone numbers used to be according to letter, e., Lincoln 54321 So the phone number was 545 321 and that's why we originally had letters on our rotary phones.

Cabana Chocolate Bar - I miss these.  Loved the advert for it. Sheli

Cabana Chocolate Bar -Loved the advert for it.

Aqua Manda, by Goya, 1970s

Aqua Manda I loved this product, I remember seeing it in every chemist window in the it was a lovely smell!

Who was your first cassette?

Who was your first cassette?

Bonanza: Ponderosa Party Time! Sunday night family event at our house.

Growing up, Westerns were one of my favorite tv genres. And the best of the best was Bonanza. Our family ALWAYS made sure we were home on Sunday night in time to watch it!

the odd couple tv show - Google Search

The Odd Couple - loved this show!