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2 Streaks Field Road, NW2 7GD London United Kingdom  ·  We have been supplying quality food, beverages and cleaning products to catering, wholesale and retail outlets since 1995 .
Regency Foods
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Regency Foods - Maldon Sea Salt 1.5Kg

The soft white flaky crystals of this English sea salt are completely natural, without artificial additives, giving Maldon Sea Salt a distinctive texture and salty flavor.

Regency Foods - Wild Rice (20min) U.S.A 250g

Wild rice is at its best when the grains.This versatile rice can be used as a stuffing, in soups or casseroles and adds that special something to pilaffs and salads.

Regency Foods - Red

Quinoa is the world’s most popular “superfood.” It is loaded with protein, fiber and minerals, but doesn’t contain any gluten.

Regency Foods - Pink Pearlised Hand Soap 5ltr

Pearlised Handsoap in value bulk packs for use in both commercial and industrial environments.

Regency Foods - Israeli Giant Couscous 1kg

Giant Couscous " pearl-like grains are a perfect alternative to regular couscous or pasta.

Regency Foods - Senza Glutine Divella Pasta 400 g

Maize and rice based product, recommended for those with intolerance.

Regency Foods - Fennel Seed 300g )

It is a highly aromatic and flavourful herb with culinary and medicinal uses and, along with the similar-tasting anise, is one of the primary ingredients of absinthe.

Regency Foods - Hazelnuts Whole Skin-On 1kg,

Regency Foods - Hazelnuts Whole Skin-On

Regency Foods - Whey Protein Powder USN 2.28Kg

Strawberry Flavour Whey Protein Premium, support muscle recovery and growth. High biological value protein.

Regency Foods - Medium Heavy Duty Black gloves 12 Pairs

Classic household style, suitable for commercial use.

Regency Foods - Borderfields Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil 500ml

Delicious and just half the saturated fat of olive oil.

Regency Foods - Extra Mature Cheddar Approximate Weight 2.5Kg

Butler's Secret is special reserve mature cheddar. It has great flavor and all round versatility. In the production process they use only fresh milk.