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Awesome wolf tattoos, their symbolic meanings, historical background, placement. Designs include tribal and howling wolves, wolf head and paw tattoos.

Intricately patterned animal illustrations by Iain Macarthur.

This is by Iain Macarthur. The artist has drawn an abstract bear by using interconnecting pattern of swirls and dots and lines to create depth and tone - which really captivates me I love this style of illustrative art and would really like to do this.

Day of the Dead meets Zentangle!! Artwork of L'Daim Fille.

This is a blank card with a print of a pen and ink drawing, inspired by the Mexican Holiday Day of the Dead. Its printed on a white shimmering

Funny pictures about Ballpoint pen art. Oh, and cool pics about Ballpoint pen art. Also, Ballpoint pen art photos.

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red-lipstick: “Devin-Francisco aka Devin Lee Francisco (USA) - The Astronaut, 2013 Drawings: Ink, Watercolors, +PS ”