PROJECTS One Third | Strawberries | Klaus Pichler

Place of production: San Giovanni Lupatoto, Verona, Italy As a response to a United Nations study that says one-third of all.

PROJECTS One Third | Water Melon | Klaus Pichler

“One Third” is a still life photography series of elaborately arranged rotting food items. Austrian photographer Klaus Pichler created the series as a commentary on food wastage.

PROJECTS One Third | Ice Cream | Klaus Pichler

Ice cream, from the series One Third, by Klaus Pichler. Pichler's series of rotting, decaying food was inspired by global food waste.

PROJECTS One Third | Pineapple | Klaus Pichler

Rotting food has a certain mysterious charm which only a few gifted people can see - One such person is Austrian artist Klaus Pichler whose photographic still life series of rotting food isn't for the faint of heart.

PROJECTS One Third | Strawberry Dessert Cream | Klaus Pichler

Spoiled food never looked so good. Klaus Pichler brings light to the fact that of all food is thrown away. Wonderful photography and a social commentary.

PROJECTS One Third | Asparagus (White) | Klaus Pichler

These Sickeningly Beautiful Photos Of Rotting Food Remind You How Much Food You Waste

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