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ebd 35

Primary EBD teacher who enjoys using ICT (esp Apple iOS devices) & always looking for new ways to improve my teaching. Apple Distinguished Educator.
ebd 35
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Awesome way to learn about multiplication! Play a LEGO Multiplication game.

Teach Your Child to Read - LEGO Multiplication Mats! Awesome ideas to use LEGOs to teach multiplication to older kids! - Give Your Child a Head Start, and.Pave the Way for a Bright, Successful Future.

Brain Breaks

Classroom Printable for Brain Breaks - roll a die for each column and perform the brain break. Encourages using both sides of the body, physical movement and alerting activities. Great for in school for quick movement breaks or indoor recess.

FREE Lego Challenge Cards

FREE Set of 250 Lego Printables Cards If you have a LEGO junkie, you're going to love this printable! Here's a FREE set of over 250 printable cards with building challenges for all sor If you really like arts and crafts a person will enjoy this info!

Division with Numicon useful video explaining how Numicon can be used to teaching halving, sets of and division.

Numicon can be used to show how many sets of a number go into a larger number that is being divided. Children can see very easily that there are 2 fours in