Liz Bishop

Liz Bishop

Liz Bishop
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Wrapping them around tree trunks to light up your yard is just one way you can use string lights year round! Here are 13 gorgeous ways to decorate with string lights inside and outside the home.

I love string lights for an outdoor wedding!

Elephant ear plant (Xanthosoma - known as coco yam in UK grocery shops) growing in a mixed tropical foliage border

Queen's Wreath Vine - Another for walls or back viewing wall. Fast grower, heat tolerant, full sun, needs trellis. *Bloom's spring through fall!

Queens Wreath Vine (Antigonon leptopus) is a wonderful asset to my garden. This 'natural beauty' is a vine that is native to Mexico and Central America. Stunning pink sprays of flowers appear in spring and last until the first frost.