Creating zones is a clever way to add interest to an outdoor space and make it feel bigger than it is. This garden has a dining table by the house, creating a dining section of the garden which is further defined by the arbour. . . . repinnedvia House to home

Urban garden ideas

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beautiful skylights on wood table

Susie McKechnie meticulously planned her kitchen/dining/living room extension to achieve a beautiful design that works for the whole family--skylight!

Mooie glaswand en eethoek waardoor je bijna buiten zit te eten #zomer #eethoek #tuin

Things to Consider Before Adding on a Porch

Stunning Pergola Plans Providing Comfort for Outdoor Space: Wonderful Wine Country Modern Porch Design With Creative Pergola Plans Made From.

Outdoor #fireplace GYROFOCUS by Focus

Toblerone House is a visually stunning modern home comprised of three horizontal concrete slabs with two levels, by Studio sited in São Paulo, Brazil.

Clean lines, continuity, exterior table, exterior lighting. Lots and lots of interior lighting too.

Amazing rear extension, flush flooring running straight outside and the extended outdoor kitchen counter.

Maison Frie au Four by CCD Architects

Patios / Pergolas / Fireplaces - Outdoor Living Space: Maison Frie au Four by CCD Architects

The Rustic Retreat is made out of one 20 foot container and is perfect for a hunting/camping retreat.

WEBSTA @ tinyhouse - The 160 Sq Ft "Rustic Retreat" shipping container tiny home built by near Houston, Texas

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