Broken Stone, Manipulated Portraits 2012    Heitor Magno

Broken Stone, Manipulated Portraits 2012 Heitor Magno - or how I call it "oreo face"

Experimental Portrait Photography by Angélica García

Angélica García is a photographer and artist from Venezuela. This experimental photo series by Angélica García includes obscur

Sophie Sumner | Vincent Peters | Vogue Italia August 2012 | 'Divina' - 3 Sensual Fashion Editorials | Art Exhibits - Anne of Carversville Women's News

Sophie Sumner

ihaveitallfiguredout:    Jesse Draxler

Collage by Jesse Draxler Cool for concentration ideas

Lennon by Bown #photography

John Lennon, 1967 ©Jane Bown "John how did you find America?" John "Turned left at Greenland." Also fave quote, "calm down Brian, you'll spurt!

Disguise - AQA Art Photography by Angelica Garcia. using perspex or glass, paint a random sphere then photograph with a portrait behind the surface texture.

Angélica García creates photographic works around the themes of loneliness and emptiness. The photos are not retouched, everything is done by hand. Angelica t