Peeling Tree Bark - earthy brown colour inspiration; organic textures; nature's artwork

Bouleau / River Birch bark, great tree for finches they love the spring seeds. Kind of a messing tree(seeds, twigs).

charred wood #texture  Dit is boomschors. Je ziet hier duidelijk hoe het hout aan zou voelen. Dit heet de textuur. Ook zie je hoe de schors is opgebouwd. Dit is de structuur van de boomschors.

burnt wood texture and metallic color

The cracks were beginning to show... #texture #photography #abstract

Love the broken brick, texture & color.

Méchant Design: orange & grey

orange & grey

Celosia Orange and Paloma Grey. Orange and grey rust inspiration

The lines in this image crossover each other creating a pattern in the ropes. The pattern makes you want to look at one place in the image and leads you to another piece of the image.

Texture is the details on the surface of an object, whether they are soft, hard, flat or smooth. In both Photography and in art, texture is used in the same way: to make an impact.

Cracked |

nature as the artist. abstract , modernist painting from stone, texture,rock, grey