Mambo For Cats LP - Jim Flora cover art

Original Album Cover Art on your Wall. Jim Flora designed dozens of album covers for Columbia Records and RCA Victor during the and This 1955 Mambo for Cats design is one of his best-known works. Art print from Hypergallery.

El Camino now featured on Fab. Vinyl records have been making a comeback lately, as audiophiles shy away from MP3s in favor of a crisper analog sound quality (and bigger cover art). This curated collection of new and classic vinyl LPs from Warner Music and classy Crosley record players is definitely worth giving a spin.

The Black Keys El Camino whole album. Lonely Boy Dead and Gone Gold on the Ceiling Little Black Submarines Money Maker Run Right Back Sister Hell of a Season Stop Stop Nova Baby Mind Eraser

'Modern Sounds in Country & Western Music' -- Ray Charles (vinyl)

Modern Sounds In country and Western Music ~ 1962 The album's integration of soul and country music bent racial barriers in popular music, amid the height of the African-American civil rights struggle.

The Mars Volta: Noctourniquet

The Mars Volta: Noctourniquet

The Mars Volta - Noctourniquet is much different than my fave Mars album, Frances the Mute. but seems like a great sonic adventure!

Pearl Jam LP (ugly cover art, I've always thought...)

Pearl Jam LP (ugly cover art, I've always thought.

Brothers (2 LP w/Bonus CD) (Vinyl) ~ The Black Keys (Artist) Cover Art

The cover of the Black Keys’ Brothers album “WHEN the album designer Michael Carney submitted his proposed cover for the Black Keys’ album “Brothers” last year, he and the band were a little anxious.

{The Mars Volta}

The Mars Volta - Deloused in the comatorium Inertiatic ESP. Heard it the first time. Vitalogy (Vinyl Edition Remastered): Pearl Jam: Music Vitalogy (Vinyl Edition Remastered): Pearl Jam: Music

#Back to #Black [Vinyl]: #Amy #Winehouse: Music

Back to Black [LP] by Amy Winehouse (Vinyl, Universal Republic)