Glass & Bones   Subconscious Patterns inspiration

Glass & Bones - Subconscious Patterns

Pattern inspiration found on (user name: oursweetwilliam) pinned to my pattern board. Design by New Zealand artist, Alice Alva. I do love a good pattern and especially love these Memphis inspired graphics.

- Black and White Graphic Design Artwork. #blackandwhite #artwork

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Do not adjust your screen, Sam Coldy's stunning lenticulars will delight your eyes

Artwork for online Photography and film website "Roma" by Sam Coldy ~ texture, graphic, artColour, digitalSurface.

Rave  Acid House UK NME

famous NME (New Musical Express - free now but used to be the bible for anyone into their music) - i think this probably ties into that piece you've seen you were telling me about?

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