howard tangye-Figure drawing unit. Blind contour

illustrator: Howard Tangye he must know Schiele well last life i must know him well last life +inter view in the latest androgyny .

Peter Blake Montage

Sir Peter Blake’s Art Secrets in Shortlist Pick up today’s May) issue of Shortlist to see Peter Blake reveal the inspiratio.

Dave McKean - Coraline illustration

Other Mother and Cat, @ Dave McKean. From "Coraline", written by Neil Gaiman, Harper Collins/Bloomsbury Press Part of the Dave McKean art exhibition "Whispers", Autunnonero Festival 2007

Hugh Ferriss, The Metropolis of Tomorrow, 1928

“By Ferriss had begun to develop his own style, frequently presenting the building at night, lit up by spotlights, or in a fog, as if photographed with a.

toba khedoori

Toba Khedoori’s drawings/etchings/paintings/encaustic paper explorations are a big influence on my drawings these day. I love how her older drawings embed physical evidence of time and space through the sealed particles of dust and detritus.