arched windows backed with mirrors..these would be beautiful in a garden.

Old window frames repurposed over mirrors. This would look fantastic on a fireplace mantle with some fresh Room design decor

iron garden gate with mirror...

Wrought Iron Garden Mirror Gate

Wrought iron glass mirror gate to bring depth to garden - acrylic mirrors are lighter and resist shattering

mirrors in the garden are useful things, FABULOUS!

outdoor mirrors & lounging, could have a large mirror next to caravan fencing to hide it and reflect back living area outside

Mirrors in a garden...lovely

Dishfunctional Designs: The Upcycled Garden Using Recycled Salvaged Materials In Your Garden. paint the frame a bright color (or to match the chair)

a garden mirror will expand a small space by bouncing light around

The 50 Best Garden Accessories - Decorations

Acrylic Garden Mirror It’s a good trick in a small garden to add a mirror - The Independent

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