Primeval Forest, Shiratani Unsuikyo, Japan

60 Engaging Photos of Charming Nature That Will Take You Into Fairytale Primeval Forest, Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine, Japan

Nigel L Philips Garden Design

Nigel L Philips Garden Design - Professional Landscape Garden Design Services in Sussex. Pinned by Janna Schreier

Forum of Granada by Federico Wulff Barreiro & Francisco del Corral

Forum of Granada by Federico Wulff Barreiro & Francisco del Corral. “In the area where the city edge of Granada merges with the agricultural landscape of its surroundings, the new Forum public space.


If you want to perform a little initiative to your children you may select wood Pallet tree house project for children. Wood pallets for children are very completely happy if you make a DIY Pallet tree house.

Wooden Sphere - Brent Comber / Green Home

large scale modernist sculpture of wood land , public art installation Shattered Sphere, reclaimed wood, by Brent Comber

Teardrop Park :: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc.

Pathway in Teardrop Park, a public park in lower Manhattan designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates.


Modern Cottage Design: Sebastopol Residence by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects (I'm green with envy).

natural pool. how cool?

An alternative to chlorine pools, the BioTop Natural Pools use plants to keep water clean and clear. Wikipedia has some more info on natural swimming pools as well. These could make a great addition to a permaculture design site.