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When she says " that doesn't even matter" guess it only matter to me . you win your ultimate Payback you get the last laugh the last word and the win you can have it I'll take the hurt I caused it anyways right I deserve it

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Kiss Thanks For Our Time I might even just sleep all weekend & rest.i rather sleep than party when im tiredunless ima having crazzzy amazing sex.

Image result for cute relationship quotes for your boyfriend

Image result for cute relationship quotes for your boyfriend

And, my love, you changed my life for the better. I used to be severely depressed everyday but since being with you I felt I had something to live for and to look forward to. You are the reason why I am not the hollow shell of a person right now. My life has improved so much just by finally being happy. I don't get depressed as often and never as badly as I did for a year and a half straight everyday. The greatest things you've given me are the ability to feel legitimately happy (cont)

"Everything happens for a reason. You came into my life for a reason. A beautiful reason." Enjoy this beautiful lovable quote from us to you!