Itália Ice. What's not to like? PD

Itália ~ Brand identity, packaging, promotional items for an ice cream company based in Rio de Janeiro. Produced in DPZ Rio by Studio Fernanda Schmidt. *beautiful use of pattern*

BLU Magazine by Steve Kelly

BLU Magazine Cover by Steve Kelly - like the black and white image, plain background, simple text and minimal colour in this layout

#street art #graffiti

Great play on design. Carrefour bar code ad by Strategies, Cairo - website is Ads of the World adn has a large selection in different mediums

Aston Martin Viral Ad: "You know you're not the first, but do you really care?"

Sexy Aston Martin Ad Confirmed A Fake (PHOTOS

Pre-owned luxury car ad for Aston Martin featuring a stunning woman. You're not the first, but do you really care?

Dockers Ad in type

This ad is for Dockers pants. The slogan, "Wear the pants", targets the male species because men are sterotyped to be the ones in charge. Wearing pants, both phsyically and mentally, relate to being a true man.