Henry Liddon Court, Abingdon

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a pole with many signs on it sitting in the middle of a street next to buildings
Directional Signage - Abingdon, Oxfordshire -14 July 2011
Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK
a car is parked on the street in front of some buildings
Nothing found for Rooms Things To Do In Oxfordshire
6 miles from us, East St Helen Street, Abingdon Oxfordshire Photo from picturesofengland.com
an old black and white photo of a building
The Old Bell Inn
an old stone building with arches and grass
Visit Southern Oxfordshire
Abingdon Abbey arches. Oxfordshire #OxTrails
an old building is lit up at night with street lights and buildings in the background
town scene
several boats are docked on the water in front of a church steeple and trees
river and spire
a large body of water next to a bridge with rapids on both sides and people standing on the side
an old building with many windows and towers
Abingdon school
an old stone building on the side of a street
Street view