Best. Packaging. Ever.

At rest the dog ears of this Pet Boutique Shopping Bag hang down. In use the dog ears are in alert position. An unmistakable Pet Store bag branding.


Brown paper packages, tied up in string. Wine bags, like the brown paper bags that conceal the booze so you can have a good swig on the streets.

cos concept store cork vip invitations designed by int works.

cork business cards :: cos concept store cork vip invitations designed by int works.

new book “Pools” by Craig Fineman

Pools by Craig Fineman

Animal Farm by George Orwell

Animal Farm by George Orwell in this piece i really like the swiss take on the piece by making the pig imagery pixelated and by having the limited geometric colour pallate makign the imagery the central focus yet doesn't make the piece seem bare or boring

The GVAL Chair is multifunctional

Nesting Plywood Chair Stores Two Ottomans Inside Itself. The GVAL chair designed by Gustavo Reboredo, Louis Sicard & Nenad Katic

Split-Decision 9'' Pie Pan

Split Decision Pie Pan - Always arguing over family holidays with which pie to make everyone for dessert? Argue no more with the Split Decision Pie Pan, and make both of them! Peach and Cherry, Apple and Pumpkin: everyone will be happy!

'The ultimate fish story' Bob Dylan.    Moby Dick by Herman Melville

Books: Moby Dick (Vintage Classics) (Paperback) by Herman Melville

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