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Look at Equius's feet. They literally photoshopped his shoes over the shoes that came with the leggings i

XD Oh my god. Does anyone ever look at the names. I like laughed harder at that than the rest of the picture.

Tumblr post funny

"Please tell me I am not the only one who would mistake this laundry for a kneeling child!

I'd stay up with someone I don't even know

I've stayed up past 2 trying to help. I'm not a councilor. I'm just a friend. And I care. And I will always be there for those who need me because I don't know what I would do if I lost even one friend.

Confusing the muggles day, april 1st #confusingthemuggles

Confusing the muggles day, april SHOULD TOTALLY DO THIS! (Love this, but wish it was a different day than april fools day to confuse them even more)

Unlike Umbridge, Voldemort is awesome <- awesomely not trying to force his ideals on others. He at least gives you the choice to stand your ground and die. (Or, well, y' know. not die, if you manage it.

Speed of fast

Oh my gosh it reminds me of thr video of the kid cooking saying measurements and it was like one inch of peanut butter and so many chocolate chips

Drake's face xD

Funny pictures about She sells sea shells. Oh, and cool pics about She sells sea shells. Also, She sells sea shells.

The perfect hotel

So I booked a hotel room online. Gotta love the woodlands resort;) god, I love my hometown lol