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some food is sitting on a plate with green onions and shrimp in the center,
Tarteletas de Gamba Roja y Bechamel - El Gourmet
an egg and asparagus on a white plate next to orange juice, silverware and flowers
Le Sandwich: Croque Madame with Dijon Béchamel Sauce
asparagus and cheese on pita bread with herbs
a small bowl filled with food sitting on top of a wooden table next to a bamboo mat
Soufflè al formaggio su base di besciamella - BluMirtillo
two small glass cups filled with food and garnished with green leafy leaves
La ricetta nel bicchiere: Capesante con besciamella alla paprika affumicata e scalogno stufato nel porto bianco
asparagus and bacon on a plate ready to be eaten for lunch or dinner
Asparagi con speck e besciamella
a sandwich cut in half on top of a wooden cutting board with cheese and meat
Piadine arrotolate ai funghi prosciutto e besciamella
a pan filled with shrimp and lemons on top of a wooden table
Gamberi gratinati velocissimi pronti in 10 minuti
two slices of zucchini on a white plate with basil leaves and parmesan cheese
Parmigiana di zucchine light
some food is laying on a white plate
Rotolo di sfoglia funghi cotto besciamella | ricetta rustico con funghi pleus
a white plate topped with pasta covered in bacon
Gnocchi Pistacchio e Speck