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Dog Hair Door Mat. Pretty sure I need this in my life! #lol

haha mom Door Mats - Warning - This Place is Covered in Dog Hair Coir Mat

Elements of Harmony Eye set part 1 by Neko-luvz on DeviantArt

I did more. too tired to make a long comment Elements of Harmony Eye set part 1


On The Twelve Days of Ponies Queen Chrysalis / Discord / King Sombra / Nightmare moon / gave to me Oh yus This is perfect.


New mane six print to debut at Everfree Northwest- yearbook themed! It was really fun to just let loose with this one!Fluttershy is me in high school ahahaha; Available for purchase as a pr.

growing pains

Growing Pains>>>>> wHy WhY WHy whY WHY << oh why is that so sad? I feel like in someway I've done that to say many of my own stuffed toys.>>>>I've done this, now I feel terrible for it

i don’t really like the old generations but i do at the same time because if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t have new shows now. therefore i appreciate them a lot. so, yes i do love them.

Just a friendly reminder that you had at least one person, if a stranger, willing to stand up for you. You matter. _ Not really a fan of generation 4 but I love this because without the originals and generation 3 FIM wouldn't exist.