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an empty road with mountains in the background and sun shining down on it's sides
The Road to El Chalten - TSL - Post-Processing & HDR Blog
El Chalten, Patagonia #Argentina
an aerial view of a city with bridges and buildings
.over Istanbul_
#Istanbul, Turkey
a field full of colorful flowers with a windmill in the background
Travel deals: Book cheap holiday deals
Tulips in the Netherlands - beautiful!
three chocolate spider sculptures sitting on top of a white plate
The World's Strangest Foods - eDreams Travel Blog
At the beginning of the month we brought you some of the strangest ice cream flavours across the globe and just to keep shocking your taste buds and turning your stomachs, we now bring you the world’s strangest food.
a large iceberg in the middle of water with mountains in the backgroud
12 Beautiful Photos of Glaciers - eDreams Travel Blog
Imagine what your town would look like if the snow falling every winter would never melt away. As new snow would fall it would cover the old snow, pushing it down and turning into ice. When this would happen for a few years, there would be a glacier in your town.
several men are doing exercises on mats with grass in front of them and one man is bending over
China: The Farmers' Olympic Games - eDreams Travel Blog
Even though there wasn’t any real planting, plowing or pig feeding involved, farmers and non-farmers could show their skills in traditional sports and sports inspired by the daily farm life alike. Among disciplines such as athletics, basketball, swimming and table tennis one could also participate in sports such as rice planting, kite flying, food-carrying or Yangko dance, a traditional folk dance
people are looking at sharks in an aquarium
Spectacular Architectural Solutions that Will Change Our World - eDreams Travel Blog
We still live in a world in which vegetables are raised on large land surfaces, in which our artificial large bodies of water are almost always located on ground level and where parks are green oasis inside the concrete city that we visit from time to time. But what about balcony gardens, vertical vegetable planting and rooftop aquariums? Check out a few similar ideas we liked.
two people sitting on the end of a pier watching the sun go down over the ocean
10 Picturesque Lake Houses Around the World
Waking up early to see the sunrise from the docks, a blanket on your shoulders and a warm cup of coffee in your hands. Then later, before lunch enjoy a refreshing swim. Maybe even a race. Then relax, read, cook, enjoy. Lake houses have a certain beauty that makes them special places to be in. Sometimes they look lonely, other times brave. But almost always serene and quiet.
a man in an orange vest wearing a cardboard hat
7 Halloween Costume Ideas for 2012 - eDreams Travel Blog
If 2011 was the year for pirates, Amy Winehouse, Sherlock Holmes, Angry Birds and Smurfs costumes, this year the top hottest Halloween costumes are inspired by Curiosity’s quest on Mars, the London Olympics and by the Brave and Hunger Games movies. Check them out below.
the average temperature in europe is shown on two different sides, one with red and blue numbers
Where to Go for Sunny Autumn Holidays
During the month of October the UK isn’t known for its sunny weather, but that doesn’t mean all of Europe is breaking out their scarves and sweaters. At eDreams we know the importance of a warm holiday and also the importance of cheap flights to get you there, so we’ve come up with our list of the top 5 warmest capital cities in Southern Europe.
there are four different pictures of animals in the grass and one is looking at something
Travel Destinations: The Island of Islay - eDreams Travel Blog
Islay, pronounced I-la and also known as “The Queen of the Hebrides”, is the southernmost island of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, 40 kilometers north of the Irish coast. Windy, fresh and wild, Islay has a population of three thousand and its main commercial activities are agriculture and whisky distillation. The majority of its inhabitants speak English and almost 30% speak Gaelic.