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people are walking on the steps leading to a waterfall
Find things to do in cities, countries & places
Canyon Steps, Pailon del Diablo, #Ecuador
an aerial view of some houses and mountains in the snow, with water running through it
Norway Travel Community | Norway Travel Guide
All you need to know when planning a trip to the Lofoten islands | #Norway Travel Guide
many buildings are reflected in the water
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Double skies in #Amsterdam, #Netherlands
an aerial view of a city with many buildings and people walking around in the foreground
photos by John and Tina Reid
The Czech Republic
a large building with stairs leading up to it
Beijing Tiantan Qiniandian by Qi Zhi / 500px
Temple of Heaven, #Beijing, #China
a river runs through the center of an old city
Flights to Zurich - Book Cheap Flights eDreams
#Lucerne is the perfect destination for a romantic escape in #Switzerland.
Lake Kaindy, #Kazakhstan - Asia Magic Places, Socotra, Forest Lake, Bhutan, Estonia, Pretty Places, Albania, Slovenia, Places Around The World
Lake Kaindy, #Kazakhstan - Asia
the buildings are next to each other on the water's edge in front of them
lucerne — molly yeh
Lucerne, Switzerland
the inside of a building with lots of glass and metal structures on it's sides
The Crystal Palace, #Madrid, Spain,UNESCO, World , Heritage, Site, 2000
a bicycle parked on the side of a bridge
All things Europe
Wishing Spring - Rafa Elias #Budapest #Hungary
the sun is setting on top of an ancient temple in baliese style, with stone pillars and spires
Flights to Yogyakarta - Book Cheap Flights eDreams
Borobudur Temple dates from the 8th and 9th centuries and is located in central Java. It has 72 buda statues and the peace you're looking for. #Indonesia #Java
the tajwa mosque in india is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world
The Wedding Travelers
Taj Mahal, #India
two red, white and blue beach huts with flowers in the window boxes on each side
Colourful Life
Costa Nova, Ílhavo #Portugal. Suzana Costa
an instagram page with the caption's name and image on it, which is
Colourful Life
Colorful passage in Georgetown, Penang, #Malaysia