A Tree growing along this wall, incredible where and how some of these trees survive, and they flourish too. lol

Tree with exposed roots, Tainan, Taiwan.

There's always hope

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nature strikes back  (Chernobyl) In the scheme of geological time, the harm human's have caused the planet may be overgrown in the geological blink of an eye.

La ciudad abandonada de Keelung en Taiwán La ville abandonnée de Keelung à Taiwan

combining natural and manmade forms - Google Search

South Korean artist MyeongBeom Kim juxtaposes the objects of opposing worlds—nature and man-made—in unexpected ways, to create sculptures.

nature vs man made concept - Google Search

nature vs man made concept - Google Search

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  (quote from Charles Caleb Colton)

Man-made Mimicking Nature

Bike Chain 2 by gfpeck, via Flickr

Bike Chain 2 by gfpeck


An abandoned ferris wheel at The Lake Shawnee amusement park in Princeton, WV! abandoned and haunted theme park where many had died.I WANT TO GO HERE!

Man-made vs Nature - Awesome picture of a tomato that has grown inside of a fence.

Funny pictures about Tomato in the fence. Oh, and cool pics about Tomato in the fence. Also, Tomato in the fence.

Man vs. Nature | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Another photo that shows a structure conquering nature or vice versa. The idea is that I will be able to show as similar idea with less constructs and more deviation from me.

This shows the perseverance of nature very well but my piece will try to show something similar except with a footprint instead of a plant.

Nature vs man made

Force of nature vs. man made - Joel Sternfeld

Joel Sternfeld: A Railroad Artifact, Street, May 2000 High Line New York City

man vs nature | Man vs. Nature 212

man vs nature | Man vs. Nature 212

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