this picture reveals the 'hidden thoughts' with in this individual, which links in to disorder as this is not suppose to be visible to others.(people)

Self-portrait with collage/ Hidden Thoughts Lynn Skordal. This would be fun to do with photos of friends and family.

Woodrow Nash, "The human "shell," outward appearance, or the external form merely distinguishes us from others. Deep inside each of us exists the moral fiber of who we really are. Nash's visual representations of the body work metaphorically and methodically to explore the masculine and feminine form - these works reveal the essential "spirit" of man."

Cultures in Africa, beautiful, what a work of art. its incredible! Ideas for Chanzzu face paint

Hattie Does Interview -  -  Buamai, Where Inspiration Starts.

hattiestewart: “ Lana Del Rey // February 2012 I was recently commissioned by Interview Magazine (German Edition) to ‘Doodle Bomb’ 6 of their covers They will be exhibited at Meiré und Meiré’s amazing.

Hattie Stewart / Magazine / No Walls Gallery, Brighton

I'm delighted to welcome professional doodler extraordinaire, Hattie Stewart to the No Walls fold. Hattie Stewart has been one of my favourite young artists / illustrators.

Azealia Banks X Jam Sutton X Hattie Stewart on Behance

vicentesolbes: “Azealia Banks photographed by Jam Sutton, featuring illustrations created by artist Hattie Stewart ”

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