easyJet have used customer data to tell emotional anniversary stories via an eDM campaign. Entirely personalised emails were sent with dynamic copy, images and links to tell each customer’s story from their first flight to their future flights. Emails were built using a series of 12 modules and open rates were over 100% more than the average easyJet newsletter – with 25% higher click-through rates.

How easyJet transformed customer data into emotional anniversary stories

Amazon have started a small private drone delivery trial in the UK. Shoppers can now order their goods by drone. Over time, Amazon plans to expand this trial to a few dozen — and later to hundreds — of shoppers. The full flight happens autonomously, including the landing, and the idea is to ensure that all deliveries arrive within 30 minutes. The current batch of customers will be able to order seven days a week, but only during daylight hours and when the weather is okay to fly.

Amazon starts Prime Air drone delivery trial in the UK — but only with two beta users

Facebook has introduced a new, very snapchat-like instant video feature. The purpose of it is for friends to share short bursts of live footage together within the messenger app. It could potentially be another platform for EE to advertise on, especially given their experience in working with instant video features as they used Snapchat for their recent Heston campaign.

Facebook clones Snapchat once again

•	The mid-roll ad unit inserts an advertiser’s clip in the middle of a video instead of up front or at the end •	Mid-roll will be available after at least 20 seconds of viewing, in videos that run 90 seconds or more •	Likely to change the way video views are tracked, then relying more on making longer videos

Facebook to test showing ads mid-video with publisher revenue split

acebook to test showing ads mid-video with publisher revenue split

•	Snapchat has added a search bar that is always accessible in order to make it easier to find publishers' content, friends, groups, and stories. •	Also acts as a shortcut to the profile if the user clicks on their “Bitmoji” •	Further functionality introduced by Snapchat allows Snapchatters to submit to the Our Story from anywhere rather than a specific location.

Social media less about fun as users become 'more like brands'

The streaming media company announced that users will be able to download select Netflix content for use while they’re away from a data connection beginning Wednesday. Netflix has added a “download” button for select films and TV shows, and plans to add more to the catalog of available titles in the future. Netflix is starting with its original content, given the simpler licensing arrangements involved.

Netflix adds offline viewing for smartphones

Netflix turns into the Top Grossing iPhone application surprisingly

Apple introduces app ads within the App Store as it looks to improve its revenue model. Earlier this year the company started serving the ads to people in the US testing versions of iOS 10 and now they will be rolled out to all users. Ads will appear above the search banner but only when they are related to a user’s search query. The move is intended to ultimately lead to more downloads of apps from smaller developers.

Apple has apparently started showing adverts in search within the App Store, this appears to be limited to the US App Store at the moment. We just checked the UK App Store and no adverts are

Instagram influencer platform Tailify relocates to UK. Tailify offers a web-based platform that brands can use to search influencers, make contact with them, and then track campaigns. It offers data about the influencers’ reach, brand affinity, and demographic of their followers.

Scandinavian influencer marketing platform Tailify has relocated its headquarters to London.

Amazon has unveiled a concept supermarket, already open to employees in Seattle. It will open to the public in early 2017. Shoppers can buy groceries without queuing or paying at the till. A consumer enters a store and checks in using the Amazon app, they can pull products off shelves, with "computer vision deep learning" and sensors adding items automatically to the consumer's online basket.

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Facebook has begun allowing businesses to send users adverts on Messenger, but only if those users have previously made contact with the brand. “Sponsored messages” provide another revenue opportunity for Facebook, targeting users in a place where they are less likely to automatically screen out adverts. Whether a user will be block ads from being sent but still interact with the brand or chatbot remains to be seen.

Careful which chatbot you talk to, unless you want their ads on Facebook Messenger

Chatbots have swept the tech industry. But what is a chatbot and why should your business be paying attention?