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dragon emperor l5r - Pesquisa Google
New files on this wiki - L5R Wiki, the Legend of the Five Rings wiki - Clans, dragon, scorpion, and more
Ilustração digital de Raynkazuya

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Lion Clan samurai
Susumu's colors  (Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, Lion Clan)
Ok. The face I redrew (but borrowed) from this amazing piece I found somewhere of a drawing of Musashi (can't remember where it came from or who drew the original). I liked it so much I used it in ...

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Visionneuse d'images du jeu Nobunaga’s Ambition : Sphere of Influence - PS4 sur Jeuxvideo.com

L5R Imperial

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ArtStation - A Lonely Shrine | Feudal Japan Environment Challenge, Ahmet Bluhm

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L5R-- Shiba Tsukimi by aprillee on deviantART
Shiba Iaimiko was a bushi, duelist and yojimbo of the Phoenix Clan. Iaimiko was assigned to...

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【冰偌收集】【古韵:手绘游戏人物素材之一】 - 冰偌 - 音画  素材 博客

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Crab Clan
L5R: Kuni Sango by ae-rie.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

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Mirumoto, Dragon Clan Thunder, from Legend of the Five Rings.
dragon clan l5r - Google Search
Aurlien Hubert - The Ancestral Armor of the Dragon | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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もんぺ and hippari traditional peasant/field clothing
Hachimaki, Tenugui, Furoshiki / Taiko Gifts & Goodies

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New files on this wiki - L5R Wiki, the Legend of the Five Rings wiki - Clans, dragon, scorpion, and more

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Elegante atemberaubende Ideen pro die Gestaltung und den Umstrukturierung von Gartenleuchten  #atemberaubende #gartenleuchten #gestaltung #ideen #umstrukturierung
Japan Shinto Shrine Gate  Kleines Holzmodell Torii Tori
Ok, it's not a sign but it's gorgeous. | Japanese Inn, Uwajima, Ehime, Japan

Jade & Obsidian - Ausstattungen

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Near Himukai-daijingu Shrine.  Kyoto, Japan - #Himukaidaijingu #Japan #kyoto #Shrine
石塀小路 Ishibekoji alley, Kyoto - #Alley #Ishibekoji #kyoto #石塀小路

L5R Rote Seide, Weidenzweige

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a woman in a red kimono is looking at herself in the mirror while she brushes her hair
Bayushi Kachiko
Scorpion Clan, Rokugan, L5R, L5A, Crédit : Darren Tan
an image of a man holding a fan in his hand
a painting of a woman sitting in a chair with an alien head on her arm
Asian Style, Anime, Asian Style Art, Style Art, Art Girl
Scorpion Seductress
a woman in a kimono sitting on the floor next to a window with curtains
a woman dressed in red is standing next to a large clock and looking into the distance
a woman wearing a red and black outfit with a straw hat on her head standing in front of a blue background
Bayushi Machigatsu 01