Anton Pieck. Please scroll down the pictures in this pin, there are some interesting ones.

Anton Pieck Dutch painter, a painter and graphic artist. To paint in oil, has worked with watercolors, created etchings, engraving.

"Café across the street". Paris is most likely one of the most inspiring cities in Europe. However, it is also one of the most artistic destinations, beyond the Louvre.

Chema Pastrana made these beautiful drawings during one of his architectural classes in a Spanish university. He mentions that his teacher Mr. Joaquin Lorda was an outstanding instructor, who explained all aspects of classical buildings and traditional construction.

Architectural Studies

Venice by on @deviantART

Elwira Pawlikowska is a watercolour artist from Poland. In 2010 she graduated from Faculty of Architecture and now she’s focused on illustration and graphic design.

Traditional Edinburgh City Illustration

love the use of the watercolor along with the darker lines! Print Edinburgh City Buildings illustrations by RowanLeckie