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adam hale aka mr.splice (The Jealous Curator)

Ok, there are a couple of things you need to know about me… I love collage, and I have a weird fascination with Queen Elizabeth. So yes, I fell in love as soon as I saw this work by London based artis

-Adam Hale- 'one of those days'

The Daily Splice

I’m Adam Hale, a collage artist and animator based in Surrey, UK. I take images out of context and splice them together.

I like the contrast of the cartoon hand and the image. This would be another good idea for my statue of david psa.

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David Szauder ~ Leona and Francesca "these sisters shared everything for years: room, cloth, toys and photos. After 10 years of sharing everything they didn't want to share the same memory." | Lost fragments | Failed memories  via Behance

Lost fragments- Failed memories

The question is how our memory works, when we see a picture (photo) we are able to remember to the details, but only for short period. In long term we start to loose parts of the details and instead of these lost fragments we fill the gaps with our self g…

Javier Magerit



Larissa Haily Aguado

Larissa Haily Aguado

EL LECHUGAManual collage from found materialsMagazine print on 180 gsm white paper350 x 500 mm2010 POLLO RALPH LAURENManual collage from found...

Niels Kalk | A R T N A U

Niels Kalk | ARTNAU

Los divertidos collages del diseñador e ilustrador alemán Niels Kalk. — Niels Kalk

Blue handmade collage © Niels Kalk 2014


Blue ∙ handmade collage © Niels Kalk 2014 instagram ∙ flickr