Flat pack love. Wedge Table by Andreas Kowalewski

Andreas Kowalewski's Wedge Side Table is a Genius Single-Material Flatpack Design

Variable geometry of La Subtile at M&O

Variable geometry of La Subtile at M&O Objects to live with

Folding Stool by Jack Smith

15 Space-Savvy Seating Ideas To Reinvent Small Spaces With

daridunia: “ Show RCA to continue our series of graduate projects from the Royal College of Art, here’s a stool by Jack Smith that collapses when its seat is lifted.

The Great Velux Cabrio Balcony! Looks like a Velux Rooflight, then turns into a balcony in seconds!

The House That Sue Built. Meer inspiratie opdoen voor wonen in daglicht via…

burnt charred stool design

DIY home decor: 25 Handmade Wood Furniture Design Ideas, Modern Salvaged Wood Chairs, Stools and Benches

Innovative stool designs

7 Most Artistic Stool Designs Ever Seen!

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