Steen Drabik - cut out paper works

Uroen i manden

New painting by Gus Leunig for his current show at Libby Edwards Galleries. Photo – Brooke Holm.

Gus Leunig · New Paintings

Birds, could be made into great puppets, the possibilities...

PAJARERIA_Just some of the birds I made for the I am working on a few more creatures and I am sure there will be some more birds in the collection.

@petermakebish #dallasartfair2016 by paul_kremer #abstractart

@petermakebish #dallasartfair2016 by paul_kremer #abstractart

Super Bingo 2000

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with collage. My first college art professor loved collage and it figured heavily in her basic drawing classes.