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indie grunge- my new type of style im leaning towards

(Open Rp)I'm Sadie , most of my friends are in college and my brother pasted away leaving me his drums and skate board. I'm skating home from school and i see a park .

"Do you even know what Nirvana is?"  "A Clothing brand."  "... Why are you allowed to live?" < i love this xD

Mystery Hipster Grunge Outfit: High Waisted Shorts & Flannel Shirt & Tee- All Sizes ✞Sale - FLANNEL Shirt & Tee, High Waisted Denim Shorts. ✞You get one Awesome 3 Peace Outfit! ✿I personally Make e

We’re Wiggin’ Out Over These 22 ’90s DIY Projects via Brit + Co.

Bedazzled ballcaps, safety pin bracelets, bagel bites and Dunkaroos. That’s right — DUNKAROOS.

60 Sassy Female Photoshoots - From Sassy Punk-Themed Photoshoots to Sassy Schoolgirl Ensembles (TOPLIST)

crop top black lipstick messy hair sticking out tongue cross necklace rock and roll looking fun pretty funny face cute rebellish love rocking