Scaldasalviette verticale a parete SERIE T T2V by ANTRAX IT radiators

Serie t | t2v

So multifunctional, this is a radiator, mirror and towel rail, all in one.

So multifunctional, this is a radiator, mirror and towel rail, all in one.

Tubes Radiatori - Soho

Soho This model recalls the style of classic radiators, with a play of repeated modules Radiatori


Kiclos 2 is an exclusive design modular radiator made of aluminium and composed of 25 mm long vertical elements for single or combined use, available in a choice of 46 stylish finishes and 24 sizes.

#Soho design Ludovica+Roberto Palomba #Tubesradiatori #Radiator #Interiordesign #Design

"Soho’s design is evident in its substance. It is the emotions of those who encounter it for the first time, which we hope will be as great as they are for us, who created it”.

TRIM BATH: Scaldasalviette in acciaio al carbonio caratterizzato da elementi tubolari a sezione rettangolare da 15 mm x 20 mm . Disponibile in diverse dimensioni e oltre 200 varianti cromatiche.

With Antrax IT radiators, warmth enters the home in numerous ways and in innovative forms, the expression of research, engineering and design.

#Soho design by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba.  CasaStudio a Cerignola (FG). Project by Francesco Clori Archilab Architettura e Design.   In cooperation with Ceramiche De Matteis. Photo Courtesy Francesco Clori. #Luxury #Project #house #Foggia #Architect #Architecture #Homedetails #Tubesradiatori #Madeinitaly

Project by francesco clori archilab cerignola puglia

Rift - Tubes Radiatori - Design by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba

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