One student calls out an answer while other erases the problem. You can also do it with sight words or anything else!

"Quick Math" One student calls out an answer while other erases the problem. You could play this same game with number bonds to Can be multiplication or division bonds/models. Play on dry erase boards.

Invitation To Create- Under The Sea. Great fine motor ocean craft for preschool, kindergarten, or elementary kids. Open-ended project allows for creativity- kids can make fish, octopus, or other sea creatures!

Invitation To Create: Under The Sea

This is a good fine motor activity that encourages the students to cut, and paste little pieces together to create their own sea creature

Year 2 under the sea topic.

This is an ocean ecosystem project of living & nonliving creatures. Made out of paper plates, blue saran wrap, colored sand, colored pipe cleaners, and toy fish & sea shells.

Mothering with Creativity: A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle & Themed Craft

This handprint crab is even more fun to make with a friend! Themed craft idea to go with A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle!

Missing Letters Clip Sticks

Missing Letters Clip Sticks

I can use these missing letters clip sticks as a practice activity for learning vocabulary words and practice working with vowels. This activity can also help promote motor skill development.

32 Spelling Task Cards. Activities include Rainbow Writing, Alphabetical Order, Sentence Writing, Pyramid Words, Hidden Words, Vanishing Words, Syllable Sorter, Vowel Finder, Rhyming Time, Word Chooser, Draw Your Words, Word Scrambler, Word Search, Word Meanings, Story Time, Acrostic Poem, Spelling Hangman, Magazine Search, Smaller Words, Cool Words, Triple Words, Synonyms, Stamp Words, Backward Words, Backward Alphabet, Magnetic Words, Letter Colors, Bubble Letters, Comic Strip.

Spelling Task Cards - ANY LIST

Make spelling fun again with these 32 task cards! So many activities including Rainbow Writing, Alpha Order, Hidden and Vanishing Words. A mix of classic activities and creative ideas to engage the kiddos!

Then and Now History display for KS1 with links to resources

This is a lovely history classroom wall display for a key stage 1 class. The Then and Now topic is interesting but can be tricky for Year They have so little concept of the past at this age.