Rocky railroad

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the inside of a train station with signs on the wall and door to another room
Walker Evans | [Two Prints of Ticket Window, Kingston, Rhode Island, For Fortune Article: "The U.S. Depot"] | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
an old fashioned train ticket booth with a boy in the front and on the back
people are standing in front of the ticket booth at an indoor mall, waiting for their tickets to be taken
Erie Lackawanna Ticket Windows Hoboken by Regina Geoghan
a train ticket sign hanging from the side of a building under a glass roof in black and white
Old Wooden Sign For Train Tickets In Weymss Bay Railway Station Scotland Uk Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Joe Fox
two pictures of different lamps on the same page, one is being used as a lamp shade
a red brick wall with a clock on top and an arch in the middle that says youth information
Train Ticket Desk
the entrance to an office decorated for christmas with railroad tracks and trees on either side
Rocky Railway VBS: Decorating Preview « Borrowed Blessings
a young boy standing next to a railroad crossing sign
DIY Railway Crossing Boom Gate
an old fashioned train is on display in a church with red carpet and white walls
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VBS Train