Mod •~• Mod save the queen! 1966

Mod Save the Queen - The Brits gave us a lot of hip and cool music in Occasionally, they also showed us a thing or two about stylish poses. Let Mod save your favorite Queen with this clasic-looking print!

Georgie Fame and Chrissie Shrimpton on Carnaby Street.

Mods xuất hiện rất nhiều trên con phố mua sắm Carnaby sầm uất ở London.

MOD gentleman on Carnaby Street, London

Carnaby Street dandy, London, 16 April 1968 “Fashionable male wearing a bowler hat and fur coat standing in the middle of the road on Carnaby Street in London in the heart of the ‘Swinging Sixties’.

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Ben Sherman, the Carnaby street retailer synonymous with mod fashion for the past 50 years, is getting out of the women’s wear game.

Eylure false eyelashes advert - Swinging London Lashes

The Best of Britain Eylure - Swinging London Lashes (Eylure false eyelashes advert) (image scanned by Magdorable)

Modern Man - Carnaby Street,

Modern Man Psych Front Cover - Colour front cover with psychedelic graphics from the Carnaby Street based mail order catalogue, Modern Man. (by smashingbird)

1960s London Streetstyle - Teddy boy? A little Punk. A predecessor to glam rock & Steampunk, or just a sign that some guys like to dress up too?

It’s London, it’s the mid and the city is the epicentre of the fashion/pop-culture universe; here are some fabulous mod looks direct .

I'm backing Britain, 1968

"I'm Backing Britain". Unfortunately the campaign lost some of its momentum when it was discovered that a batch of T-shirts bearing the "I'm Backing Britain" slogan had been manufactured in Portugal.

Carnaby Street fashions | 60s Vintage Carnaby Street Style Psychedelic by nicolasvintage

60's Vintage Carnaby Street Style Psychedelic Ultra Mini Dress

Measurements: Bust: Waist: Length: Shoulders: Label: Stacy Ames Condition: Very good vintage condition.