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A Little Cheat Sheet To Avoid Using The Word ‘Very’

A Little Cheat Sheet To Avoid Using The Word ‘Very’ -- Picture from the movie 'The Dead Poets Society' I'm watching this movie in my English class and I love it!

For the writers

for the writers

Funny pictures about The word 'said' is dead. Oh, and cool pics about The word 'said' is dead. Also, The word 'said' is dead.

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wonderfullifee: Check yourself before you wreck. wonderfullifee: “Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

How to teach the alphabet to preschoolers

How to teach the alphabet to preschoolers

UNDERSTANDING While this resource discusses how one teach the alphabet to preschoolers, it also includes a clear and informative explanation of the acquisition of letter-sounds and phonics understanding in young learners.

Plotting Help

Source for Image Writers Write offers the best writing courses in South Africa. To find out about Writers Write - How to write a book, or The Plain Language Programme - Writing courses for business.

Teacher's Pet – Ideas & Inspiration for Early Years (EYFS), Key Stage 1 (KS1) and Key Stage 2 (KS2) | Writing Goals

'Writing Goals' display chart - great idea to keep students accountable for writing goals. Jessie's Resources: More classroom display ideas

Love this idea from Delights and Designs… You could easily extend this for more able pupils to contain more word types.    Children are encouraged to come up and pick a word from the teacher. They then place the stick in the correct pot. To further extend, they could then pick a word from each cup and create a sentence. Perfect for assessment!

parts of speech word sort {language arts}--Kids each come up and pick a stick out of my hand and they would have to place it in the right cup! If there’s extra time, they can use the word in a sentence

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Write words in sand - we dig real shells out of a bucket of sand for graphing and this would be a great LA activity to add to our beach theme!