Ginger Vapes - Daywalker - The Best Place to buy eJuice -

Grandmas fresh out of the oven Gingerbread, That takes your soul with every vape! VG Ships from Ginger Vapes - California

B-52 Cloud Line - Sweet Freeze - The Best Place to buy eJuice -

Cloud Line Sweet Freeze - Combines icy peppermint with a hint of sweet raspberry to create a harmonizing menthol VGShips from Juice - Texas

ANML Unleashed E-Liquid - Grizzly - The Best Place to buy eJuice -

ANML Unleashed E-Liquid Grizzly - This one is a no-brainer: It's a raging good chocolate chip cookie with fresh milk flavor. It's so on-point you could probably leave it out on Christmas Eve for Santa, but it's so good we doubt you'll want to share.

Doctor Big Vapes - Doc's Custard - The Best Place to buy eJuice -

Citric Serum by Doctor Big Vapes - Doctor Big Vapes'' Citric Serum is an explosion of mouthwatering orange citrus and a subtle note of kiwi. Vibrant and energizing, Citric Serum will ignite your taste buds with incredible juicy-sweet zest.

Tricker Treatz E-Juice - Milk N' Cookiez - The Best Place to buy eJuice -

Prepare to get completely addicted on Milk N' Cookiez! From the creators of Milk N Cookiez will remind you of being a kid again, munching down on y

Northern Lights Vapor Co. - Bear Claw - The Best Place to buy eJuice -

Northern Lights Vapor Co Bear Claw - Tastes like the pastry that shares its name, and not like a woodland creature’s feet. It’s a spot-on replica of its gooey cinnamon pastry VGShips from Pantheon - Texas

Cuttwood Vapors Reimagined Series - Manic Mint - The Best Place to buy eJuice -

Cuttwood Vapors Reimagined Series Outrage Orange - Re imagined series represents Cuttwoods vision of what Lime, Orange and Peppermint should taste like Ships from Flawless - California

You Got E-Juice - Sugar Cookie - The Best Place to buy eJuice -

You Got E-Juice Cinnamon Roll - Indulge in a rich freshly baked roll with a hint of cinnamon. A one-of- a-kind experience you can smell and VGShips from You Got E-Juice - California

Kilo Black Series - Milk & Cookies - The Best Place to buy eJuice -

The Black Series line by Kilo is an ultra premium ejuice with four amazing flavors to choose from.

Wisconsin Dairy Co. E-Liquids - Gingerbread Milk - The Best Place to buy eJuice -

Wisconsin Dairy Co. E-Liquids Berries N’ Cream - A summertime treat of fresh-picked berries with dollops of whipped creamMAX VGShips from Wisconsin Dairy Co.

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