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WHO: Henrietta Harris WHAT: Photography and painting WHY: I love how the face is hidden and I love the pastel aesthetic.

New piece available now at Melanie Roger Gallery. Please contact gallery directly if interested! Fixed It VIII 30 x Oil on Canvas 2016

Locations- The picture depicts a bus stop, which is a common location that all of our target audience will be able to relate to. Moreover, its a location that is more likely for an encounter to happen which is why we would want to use it.

I never thought I'd miss sitting in bush shelters in the rain, but I do. It never rains here

Nick Turpin | Through a Glass Darkly

In his series “Through a Glass Darkly” London-based photographer Nick Turpin captured images of London bus passengers during their nighttime commutes.

Nick Turpin: Through a Glass Darkly

Nick Turpin: Through a Glass Darkly. Nick Turpin makes wet winter bus journeys somehow seem beautiful

Michael Wolf’s Tokyo Compression. People in the subway trains of the Japanese capital. An emotional collection of commuting individuals, with each portrait telling a unique story.

Tokyo-based German photographer Michael Wolf invites you to take a look at the Japanese capital through the eyes of the city's daily commuter.