Past, Present and Future

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Crazy Woman - Lisa Lara Bella by Marko Köppe. S) Forms of diffrent objects that construct (replace) face features. Combination of black and white photo image and bright colors of collage objects

Beautiful “looking into the past” photos…

Beautiful “looking into the past” photos…

Map Art.. 02-10-13 Female face map: Thoughts. Day dreaming. Wishful thinking. Thinking about the past/ present/ future.

Brilliant face portraits on maps by Ed Fairburn

Stunning Ink and Pencil Portraits on Maps - Great Creative Imagination project. All students would be given a paper map for this project.

Friend, even if you cannot picture your future, do not despair. All dreams of the future are already in the past. Your true future is already taking care of itself. The present moment is your home, never coming, never going. It can be trusted, so breathe it in. Jeff Foster (photo by Diana Chyrzyńska.°)

Faces: Photos by Diana Chyrzynska Photo-manipulated series of self portraits. - this would be good for a idea of what I would like mine to look like - it also cool as the hands represent the face with eyes and lips.

I've pinned this before, but I just noticed something. Marty's right foot points towards the back in the past, center in the present, and forward in the future. That's awesome.

Epic pop-culture prints I’d proudly hang on my wall (42 Photos)

process - process of time decay of an apple over a period of time

Sketchbook Skool Bootkamp

It is a funny thing, entirely unexpected, but I have become quite… attached. to Sketchbook Skool. Oh I knew when I joined it would be fun. And I hoped it would be inspiring, and challenging …

Collage by Andrew Lundwall. I like the idea of merging two faces together, here Lundwall has create this almost weave type texture.

I would use this piece as a comparison between realistic beauty and unrealistic views of beauty

JAMIE REID  "Learn from the past, Live in the present, Look to the future (Black)"   | PAUL STOLPER | CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY | LONDON

Available for sale from Paul Stolper Gallery, Jamie Reid, Learn from the past, Live in the present, Look to the future (Black) Inkjet base print o…

Stanley Spencer, portrait of Hilda (his first wife) Unity (his daughter) and Dolls... English painter 1891 - 1959)

Credit: Family Group: Hilda, Unity and Dolls, 1937 (oil on canvas) by Spencer, Stanley © Leeds Museums and Galleries (City Art Gallery) U./ The Bridgeman Art Library

Gorgeous Handpainted Portraits Of Superheroes In Their Old Age - UltraLinx

Gorgeous Handpainted Portraits Of Superheroes In Their Old Age

Old Heroes is a nice series from Chinese illustrator Eddie Liu, based in Shanghai, who imagines portraits of famous superheroes when they grow old, from Batman