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Kingspan Range Progamming Guide Danfoss TP9000

Kingspan Range Progamming Guide Danfoss TP9000

Storybook Paper Roses bouquet. Smaller ones can be made for the bridesmaids. I want sheet music roses in my bouquet! http://www.jexshop.com/ (How To Make Dress Smaller)

Looks hard but if you want to try it, Storybook Paper Roses bouquet. It would killlll me to rip apart a book for this, but this is SUCH a cool idea cost effective.

Scabbers and Crookshanks were folded following the YouTube video on this board. Of course, I used a paperback Potter book!

I used paperback Harry Potter books and found the characters' names in the story to make the tags. Using a stamp pad, I added a little color to both Scabbers and Crookshanks.