Variations on a Dark City and Other Works by Espen Dietrichson

Norwegian artist Espen Dietrichson combines photography, digital techniques and screen printing to create amazing artworks depicting levitating, exploded architectural structures.

Paul Catherall - Southbank Lino Print

This week's most wanted: Paul Catherall's London Prints - That's Not My Age

sensory notation - Google Search

Architectural Drawing FutureBuilt isLandscape Architecture designcitylaArchitectural Drawings Another example of a deconstructed architectural drawing, again in keeping with my original idea. Also similar to some of Toby's work.

Edge and Barrett Blog: Sharon Elphick

Untitled (Philadelphia) by Sharon Elphick As college is closed today please complete the work set out below: Research at least two conte.

"(UN)DRAWING # 11" 2012-13, 60” x 40”, Charcoal on paper --

Sharp charcoal lines and smudging have been used to show interior and exterior qualities. Viewers may have trouble understanding the sketch as it is quiet confusing (lines everywhere).

As a artist I tend to make my sketches in software and my hard drive has this small treasure of tiny potential galaxies waiting to flourish and grow into something unique. Without a purpose they float around in the creative microcosmos I call my off…