Birthday cake ideas

35 Amazing Birthday Cake Ideas

This makes me want to bake cakes all day long! 35 Amazing Birthday Cake Ideas The best way to make someones birthday the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER is to bake them a kick-ass cake.

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The Meringue Girls have stormed the catering world with the power of their sugary peaks. Here they speak to Lorna Dockerill about their sweet creations and how to create scrumptious meringues for your wedding

Birthday cake birthday-ideas

Bake and ice a round cake, making sure its shorter than a Kit-Kat bar. Break 4 packs of Kit-Kats into two bar segments. Surround the cake with the Kit-Kats and then tie with a ribbon. Fill the top with a large bag of M's.

An easy chocolate birthday cake decorated with chocolate biscuits, lollies, marshmallows and chocolates! This really is a chocoholics delight!

Easy Chocolate Birthday Cake

Place number on cake, sprinkle with sprinkles...remove!

Cake for baby shower (superman symbol in silver edible glitter)Place number on cake, sprinkle with sprinkles. This would be super cute with edible glitter, too!

Chocolate fruit pizza

Chocolate fruit pizza

Pizza for dessert! It's also a great idea for a kid's birthday - watch the delight on their faces when they see it!

Sweetie tray bake - Bake with sweets

Giant rainbow cupcake - Sweet recipes: Recipes using your favourite sweets and treats

This sweetie tray bake not only looks like a sweetie heaven - it tastes like it too! Beneath the white chocolate coating there's a super sweet orange sponge - delicious! Get the recipe: Sweetie tray bake