Edward Burra: Saturday Market (1932)

Edward Burra at Pallant House Gallery - in pictures

stilllifequickheart: Edward Burra Flowering Vegetables 1957-59

'Flowering Vegetables' by English artist Edward Burra Watercolor and pencil on paper, 53 x 30 in. via Jonathan Clark & Co

Edward Burra. 'Cabbages, Springfield, Rye'. Watercolour and pencil on paper. 1937.

Edward Burra: an utterly unique vision

Cabbages, Springfield, Rye by Edward Burra. The cabbage patch in the foreground is in the family garden at Springfield.

Low Tide Near Rye (c.1963) by Edward Burra

Low Tide Near Rye by Edward Burra

Harlem Square, 1934-5, by Edward Burra

Credit: Estate of Edward Burra/courtesy Lefevre Fine Art Ltd, London Harlem Scene

Dockside Cafe Marseilles by Edward Burra

Edward Burra: Hastings to Harlem and back