photographer, Minor White

Minor White, Taylor Street and Huntington Hotel S., 1949 - On display at the Oakland Museum of CA

Minor White (American, 1908-1976)Untitled, Dark Canyon Lake, La Sal Mountains, UtahDescriptive Title[Weathered Plank with Knothole]Date 1967

Minor White: Untitled, Dark Canyon Lake, La Sal Mountains, Utah, 1967 (patterns/lines) Currently obsessed with the work of Minor White.

Minor White: Hands, 1949

chagalov: “ Hands, 1949 -by Minor White yama-bato: “ Minor White Hands, 1949 ” ”

Minor White Point Lobos, California

Minor White Minor Martin White was an American photographer born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. White earned a degree in botany with a minor in English from the University of Minnesota in