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Jessica Palmer has a PhD in Molecular Biology and has been blogging about the intersection of art and biology since 2006.

Fragments - Alan Bur Johnson (Inspiration for layout)


Moleskine zentriangles, page ideas, sketchbooks, ink and pencil artwork. will require ruler and probs set square

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Designer: Natalie Olsen, Kisscut Design Publisher: NeWest Press Genre: Environment Ecology Typefaces: FF Seria (serif and sans) with hand drawn lettering Cover Illustration: Natalie Olsen

René Quillivic, Le voilier, 1920

climbing-down-bokor: René Quillivic, Le voilier, 1920

Nice use of color and especially shading on the bird. I also like the use of detail in the center of the bird.

Ballpoint pen drawing by Vince Low (Malaisia) I love to draw in ball point pen. This Robin is fantastic!

embroidered photographs... kinda weird but kinda awesome and something I think I want to try

Italian born, London based artist Maurizio Anzeri transforms found photographs of perfectly cute kids into spooky, tribal, baboon-ish looking creatures using only a needle and thread. This is where I got some of my inspiration for sewing on canvas

Personal Work — RICHARD FAUST

Art journal pages for inspiration, ideas, and technique. Keeping a scrapbook, travel journal, or sketchbook