Jamie's 14 'hero' foods that help you live to 100 #dailymail

Jamie's 14 'hero' foods that help you live to 100

Big Diabetes Free - Chef Jamie Oliver has travelled the world compiling a list of 14 hero ingredients - Doctors reverse type 2 diabetes in three weeks

British cookbook author Nigella Lawson in her cookbook library in her London house. EA. Nigella Lawson's book in our library collection: http://catalog.lioninc.org/search~S29?/aLawson%2C+Nigella/alawson+nigella/1%2C1%2C9%2CB/exact&FF=alawson+nigella+1960&1%2C-1%2C/indexsort=r

Nigella Lawson reading and writing in her home library. Photo from House and Garden.

A beautiful golden broth that is soothing and well flavoured

Nigella Lawson's cauliflower, garlic and turmeric soup

Always reminds me of Dr. Hannibal Lecter - Dean & DeLuca | New York

Meg Taylor: Church in Times Square and Free Music in The Lower East Village

9 Fun Summer Cocktails No One Else Will Bring to the Potluck via Brit + Co.

9 Fun Summer Cocktails No One Else Will Bring to the Potluck

Replace OJ in mimosas with orange/tangerine sorbet. If you’re hosting a brunch, you want your guests to remember this easy two-ingredient drink that looks elegant. Substitute orange sherbet for orange juice and you have a mimosa you’ll never forget.

ZUCCOTTO è il primo semifreddo nella storia della cucina, nato nella Firenze rinascimentale in un elmo chiodato da fanteria. Infatti, in dialetto toscano zucca vuol dire testa. La ricetta originale prevedeva che alla crema a base di ricotta venissero aggiunti miele e fichi secchi. Oggi se ne conoscono numerose varianti, dall'aggiunta di cioccolato in scaglie, cacao in polvere, fino alla farcitura con il gelato!

Zuccotto con ricotta e Pan di Spagna

Laura Ravaioli  http://www.buonissimo.org/topchef/ravaioli.asp

Laura Ravaioli http://www.buonissimo.org/topchef/ravaioli.asp