Elby Brown jewellery

Handmade silver, gold and enamel jewellery. Jewellery for storytellers.
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Me wearing owl necklace and silver star necklace Owl Necklace Silver, Star Jewelry, Silver Lockets, Silver Owl, Necklace, Silver Stars, Silver Necklace, Jewellery, Owl Necklace
Owl and silver star
Made for each other!
Owl face locket three pictures showing the front, back and opening of the owl locket Locket Necklace, Star Necklace, Locket, Enamel Jewelry, Handmade Silver, Tiny Star, Pendant
Owl face locket in silver
Owl face locket necklace write down your secrets and roll them up and put them inside this owlface locket. She’ll listen!
Silver bird ring in enamel set in gold and silver and engraved oak
Silver owl on wood Bijoux, Tree Necklace, Diamond Star
Flying owl silver necklace
Silver hand engraved flying owl made with 100% recycled silver
Gold star with black oxidised chain and gold detail on grey Gold Necklace, Jewelry Pieces, Silver Gold, Enamel Necklaces
Gold star with oxidised chain and gold jump ring detail
Little gold star only 2mm
Two hares meet under a star in silver on light blue grey background Sterling Silver Chains, Gold Deer
The meeting place necklace - hare and stars
Silver handmade hare necklace with gold star
Silver owlface locket front which is engraved by hand Instagram, Jewelry Necklaces, Silver Locket Necklace
Owl face locket necklace in silver
Owlface locket with secret compartment in the back to keep wise words and intentions.
Flight silver necklace. A reminder to keep trying to fly not fall.
Silver handmade and engraved 3d necklace
Owl and stars on grey stone Stars, Animal Jewelry, Owl, Golden Star
Owl and stars necklace
Silver flying owl and golden stars
Silver hoops on grey background Silver Hoops, Silver Feather, Silver Rings, Gold Rings
Silver feathers hoops
Silver engraved feather hoops. A reminder to keep trying
Feathers ring on grey Branch Ring, Feather Ring, Signet Ring, Silver Band, Silver Pendant
Silver Fevvers / feathers engraved ring
Engraved feathers signet ring ~ a remindr to keep trying to fly not fall x
Silver Fevvers ring on my turquoise workshop door Jewelry Tree, Ring
Fevvers/feathers silver ring
Engraved feathers on silver signet ring ~ a reminder to keep trying to fly.
Fox and star necklace on wood with green background Fox, Precious Stones, Silver Tree Necklace, Sterling Silver
Fox and diamond star
Fox and ethical diamond. Made from 100% recycled silver
Silver flight pendant on my finger tip
Flight ~ silver bird necklace - Elby Brown jewellery
Silver necklace - flight... a reminder to keep trying
Flight silver necklace on speckled background Bird Necklace
Flight ~ silver bird necklace - Elby Brown jewellery
Silver bird in flight