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Easy Art for Kids - Painting on Foil

easy art for kids foil painting // It also helps to add a small amount of dish washing liquid to your paint mix. Not only will that make cleaning up easier but it also helps the paint to stick to the foil better and not flake off when it dries.

Keep paint in squeeze ketchup bottles. | 25 Clever Classroom Tips For Elementary School Teachers

What a fun and clean way to store paint. Dear Mom, this is an awesome idea I love to paint it would be even more fun if I could paint out of a ketchup bottle!

Superheroes, Princesses & Monsters Mish-Mash - Stimulating Learning | Stimulating Learning

Superheroes, Princesses & Monsters Mish-Mash

Eyfs music area - handbells activity idea

Eyfs music area - handbells activity idea --- could do with tone bells or boomwhackers as well!

Outdoor areas, boats! Role play.

Great for outdoor play in summer, for a pirate day, or summer theme Play Learning Life spotted some gorgeous crate yachts (",)

Inquiring Minds: Mrs. Myers' Kindergarten: The Autumn Season: Exploring Trees and Leaves and the Colors of Fall!

The kids have started noticing signs of fall! They had started bringing me leaves, so I knew it was time to start investigating Fall! I sta.

Retelling the story, 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' with instruments and sensory bottles - from Rachel (",)


Bear hunt Story Telling with Instruments and Sensory Bottles from Rachel (",)

Space craft with planets

Nice rocket idea for a toddler who is just starting to use glue. Could have him glue strips to a page then cut out a rocket shape to glue to another page.

Spray water onto the tissue paper and watch the colours run. EYFS

Spray water onto the tissue paper and watch the colours run. great way to learn what makes colors and also if there is a difference on different types of paper and notice difference of during project & after once dry