Numbers and Counting Activity - this great numeracy activity is make from everyday recycled household items.

Numbers & Counting Activity

What number? You can answer all these and more with this colorful counting activity for your little ones.

What do you do when you don’t know what to do outdoors? | Creative STAR Learning | I'm a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here!

Creative playground markings [ "Creative playground markings -use painter's tape on the carpet and use for indoor recess!", "What do you do when you don’t

True or false Number Sorts last week... writing their own calculations this week... brilliant maths Class1!

True or false Number Sorts! This could be used for many different concepts.Love the sorting chart idea Extend by having students put in the correct sign. They have to do this on SOAR all the time. Grade,Math,My Heart

Sort the coins in the sand. EYFS

Sort the coins in the sand - find coins to total an amount, find coins to give as change

"Count me, sort me" collection. Open ended loose parts in a tinker tray.

Early Years ideas from Tishylishy. Sharing photos, provision enhancements and outcomes from my EYFS class and the.

Fantastic numeracy & funky fingers activity

“From an idea I'm sure I saw somewhere on here, but can't remember where, our Numicon Padlocks

Pirates: Weighing the treasure - from Rachel (",)

There Be Pirates

I like the brass coat buttons! Pirates: Weighing the treasure - from Rachel (",)